EL-P and The Bots Video and Photos - CONSPROJECT 2014

Rubbertracks is a recording studio in Brooklyn with support from Converse.  They are becoming a lifestyle brand like Red Bull and have signed on some dope local artists to sponsor the project.  El-P and Nick Hook are two of my top influential electronic artists and it was a dream to work with both of them.  El-P played the closing party with openers "The Bots" and "DJ Gravy."

While the Bots quickly won me over with a tight set with well-sung lyrics and great live drum sounds, the stylings of DJ Gravy were not to my liking.  It was shocking to me to see him playing live opening for El-P without really showing any interest in this fact or any emotion.  He did not touch his records either - no scratching and no beat juggling - just playing hip hop from between 90 and 95 without any emotional connections being made.  I'm not usually a hater or detractor and I'd love to hear dude play out again maybe it was just an off night.

El-P is quickly becoming one of my favorite MC's to see live.  He has an incredibly dynamic live show with a HYPE man and this bizarre man in a booth surrounded by percussion instruments, reconstructed synths, ipads and cables, guitar and amp, just as likely to sing backup vocals as to do a wah wah guitar solo or play some crazy distorted synth baseline or a conga solo for 4 bars.  Lots of emotion on this one and a tiny audience for this RSVP only show.

The show was hosted by local favorite DJ OP of Dubspot and the "I love Vinyl" collective.  He has a great monthly party at LPR in the village and has even been known to rock with the legendary Q-Tip.

Check out this hilarious video about his crew's dedication to the wax:

I Love Vinyl from scribe scribe on Vimeo.

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