Zero Party Pics - Masquerade - w/ Oliver Koletzki, Sascha Braemer, Niconé and LVN

Zero is still the best party in NYC if you're looking for a warehouse vibe and the big tunes to go along with it.  Since I started working for these guys I realized its a lot more than just bringing in huge names from Europe or having the best venues and production. Zero is all about the community.  I know it sounds lame and maybe a bit cliche but this is real stuff that I have witnessed. 

I also got a chance to kick it with the DJs including Oliver and they are really down-to-earth chill people for how huge their names are.

You should add Oliver on facebook or Sascha on soundcloud or Nicone on beatport if you are into beautiful sounds and chill vibes.

 Check the pictures and comment if you were there!

Go and tag yourself on Facebook here are ALL the pics

Barely can tell this is the Boardwalk Empire mask - Dope!

Strike a Pose!

Show off your Tattoos!


Put Your Hands Up!


Build an Awesome Mask!



Dress Up

Wave a Pillow!


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