Alex Burkat - 285 Kent EP (Third Ear)

The holy trinity of techno music - Detroit, Berlin and Brooklyn.

As a friend and mentor I have been able to take a clear picture of the dedication and work ethic of one of Brooklyn's most enigmatic and brilliant young producers.  The 285 Kent EP is his latest and greatest effort. 

Opening with the title track we are inserted into a big and bewildering space.  Last year I heard Alex talk frequently about his desire to make music that belonged somewhere.  By naming the songs after the venues in which they are most appropriate we have a literal interpretation of this idea. In the Sullivan Room dance becomes king.  An enormous bassline and traditional formatting place this as an easy choice for a big room DJ set. The BQE starts with radio noises, and transitions to an insane african drum break, followed by the aliens landing and speaking through the cars antenna on the wavelengths of an arpeggiated vocal synth.  Distorted guitars provide breakdowns, and a sense of urgency develops.  Equally functional as listening music or in a DJ set this is another standout.  Alex's maturity as a producer is evident with clear beginnings and endings - developments - and surprises.  The most magical element of the project is the human presence which shines throughout despite a lack of vocals.  The exhales on House of Yes are a lead all by themselves and as disorienting as this party is they can carry us through - to 6am - sunrise over the BQE - and a chance to do it all again next weekend.

Alex Burkat's 285 Kent ep is available for digital and vinyl purchase June 2nd. Buy this record before it sells out. Play it in large rooms.

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