Run the Jewels - Early

I am angry and scared today. I prayed for the families of the victims of this horrible tragedy during the meditation at teacher training and felt a little bit less awful.  Meditation has been helping me see things more clearly.  I have been getting powerful messages in my dream-life which I am trying hard to heed.  The more time I spend moving my body and looking at nature the calmer I am.  I find myself reacting with violence less and becoming less negative - less defensive.  I have been using the mantra of - "non aggressive - non defensive" when preparing for difficult interactions and it has served me well.

I want a phone case I saw at the best graffiti store in Brooklyn (Low Brow) so I went on their website and saw they collaborated with Run the Jewels on the video for "Early."  RTJ is one of the most political groups out and this song might be the most racially charged of the bunch and is particularly fitting for this week in America.


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